Céline back in Las Vegas

Official news!

The rumor that had been going on for a year is now official, Céine will be back on the stage of the Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas , where she triumphed with « A New Day… » for five years and 717 shows.

The show, which name is still unknown, will be unique and never seen before : the singer will sing her hit songs as well as the biggest Hollywood hits. It is said that there will be surprising visual effects as well as an orchestra made of 31 musicians.

This new contract has been signed for 3 years and there will be about 70 shows each year.

Tickets for the first months are already on sale, and manyRed Heads already have theirs…

So don’t you wait anymore… The Red Heads are working on it, and beautiful things might be announced in the coming weekds…