Qui peut vivre sans amour? – Lyrics Video – #Céline45 – Happy Birthday, Céline!

Hello, everyone!

If you landed on this page is either because you are a Céline Dion fan, a curious journalist, or you are simply… lost!
Whatever the case may be, you will discover down below, a very well known and respected tradition within the last 5 years: The Red Heads` birthday gift for their idol, Céline Dion.

Before moving further, let us introduce ourselves to those that still wonder who we are. The Red Heads are a sort of a Fan Club/ Community Manager/ Web Promoter & Communication Agency/ Event Organizer…

You got it well, it’s pretty difficult for us to explain in just a few words who we are, and what our goal is. Feel free to peek through the pages of our website for a better understanding! But if there is something you should definitely keep in mind is that we have been created to promote, surprise and entertain our idol: Céline Dion!

Let’s move forward and talk about the project that has kept us busy for the past few weeks: #Céline45
In just a few days, hundreds of fans submitted images in effort of being part of the making of the “Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour” Lyrics Video, the song being Céline’s latest single.

Joyeuxanniversaireaffiche mini

As a matter of fact, our gift for Celine has a double target! It will help celebrate in style the singer’s 45th birthday, and will also offer the opportunity to create the buzz around her new hit single of the already successful “Sans Attendre” album. This song, written by Elodie Hesme and composed by David Gategno, whose videoclip is being shot as we speak in Las Vegas, is already being played on the radio waves. While we are waiting for the clip, The Red Heads decided to give you a taste of Céline’s next success.

Thank you to all the Red Heads that were involved in the making of #Céline45! March 30th represents a very special date in every fan’s calendar. A day to celebrate, so… Let’s party!

Céline, this Lyrics Video made by our team with the help of hundreds of fans coming from tens of different countries around the world, is just another demonstration of our love for you. Have you had any doubt of it?! You know that we will be there every year, for each concert, album, no matter what. Where you will be, we will be… Today more than ever…

We were there since your 13th birthday; we are still here for your 45th! Happy birthday, Céline!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Your devoted fans, The Red Heads