#Encore – Help Us Bring Céline to the TOP!

D’Eux, or The French Album in English speaking countries, is Céline Dion’s 15th album, released March 27, 1995. Written and directed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, it is the best-selling French-language album in the history of music. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the album and on this occasion, The Red Heads have decided to launch a historic promotional operation.

This record breaking album deserves that we pay an equally record breaking tribute. That is why today we are launching the #Encore mission.

In the last 20 years, the music industry has fundamentally changed (including the digital revolution).

The same is true for singles. For example, today in France, a single may well rank number 1 selling 7,500 copies.

It is based on the new data that The Red Heads have decided to set up a promotional campaign never seen in the world:
To make a single number 1 more than 20 years after its original release!
During Céline’s hiatus, we appeal to all her fans around the world to make this great media operation a success. Take this opportunity to remind her that even during her absence, her fans are indeed there for her and ready to promote and support her.
Kick off: Monday, March 23, 2015
End: Sunday, March 29, 2015
The goal?
Place the iconic « Pour que tu m’aimes encore » on top of the charts to surprise the media and experts in the music industry. By making the single number 1, we will cause success for the entire album.


We decided to proceed methodically to win the TOP country by country. Naturally we will start targeting France. Once we reached 10,000 sales for the number 1 position, we will move our attention to Quebec and try to make the purchase of the 5,000 needed to clinch the number 1 spot.

After that we will target Belgium, Switzerland, …


To be sure to reach number 1 in France, a song must sell 10,000 copies.
Once this is achieved, we will attack the other markets mentioned above.


Two options are available:

– METHOD #1: Proceed to purchase singles for yourself.
We invite you to visit these links Amazon-MP3-Logo-Fond-Noiritunes-logo to buy as many « Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore » as you can.
(Warning, it is important for people who do not live in France to choose to make a purchase on Amazon.fr for the sale to be recognized in France)

In iTunes, please choose the capsule « Gift this song » and include the email addresses of your friends and loved ones in order to multiply your purchases.

Advantage of this method: you do buy yourself and can target the people you want.
Disadvantage: our team will not be able to count and verify the number of singles purchased and we lose the advantage of shifting our attention to another country as soon as our goal will be reached in France.

In conclusion, we encourage you to opt for the second method.

– METHOD #2: Let The Red Heads team ensure the purchase and distribution of the song copies ( a contact list from the major media contributors was created to touch the world of journalism, which can report our operation and communicate about the anniversary of « D’Eux »).

In this case, visit us online at lesredheads.com and buy a block of shares for $5/10/20/30 or more. We then take care of buying the songs on legal sales platforms, country by country, in our strategic action plan (France and Quebec, and a list of other countries as described above). We will also be broadcasting the song to the media/ journalists/ identified personalities.

Disadvantage: for a block of 10 purchased singles, we lose $0.60 paypal fees.
Advantage of this method: you make sure that the money you pay contribute to the global effort for the success of this mission. No money will be lost on buying a song in a country that has not been targeted or has already reached the defined goals.

By choosing the second option, you also have the opportunity to have an exclusive gift created especially for this operation, according to the block you decide to purchase.

In addition to the placing of « Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore » at the top of the charts, we urge you to take the time to share on social media for other outlets to play this song:

All together we will make this operation a success worldwide, and we will honor an album that changed all our lives tremendously.