This is actually quite easy to wish « Happy Birthday » to Céline, you just need to write it and send her the message… Yea write it! But HOW to write it?! This is how the 6×7 adventure all began… A normal sunny summer day, an impassioned debate, a few fans around the table, and that was it! Our next project was born!

A project that would embark us – The Red Heads – on a 10-month journey. It was wonderful to indeed have fans from such distant countries as China, Vietnam, Poland or even Mexico, all the way becoming Red Heads for this sequence, in order to demonstrate Céline that her birthday would be celebrated – as it should be – all over the world. Eventually more than 130 fans from about 15 countries have joined the project, half of which were newbies.

Without the participation of all the fans, in particular regarding scenes filmed at the Grau du Roi and in Paris (and which required a maximum number of fans to be present, in order to obtain the best possible result), the 6×7 movie would never had had the same dimension and the same impact.

The final cut was revealed on March, 30th of 2010, (Céline’s 42nd birthday) and quickly became famous. Without fans’ involvement and dedication there would not have been such an impact in the media. A number of newspapers, TV-shows and websites have talked about the film and have shown extracts from it (see The Red Heads and the Media). This came as a proof and as a reward for the quality and the international dimension within the 6×7 project.

We cannot thank enough all The Red Heads for their dedication and for making this project a real success. We are extremely proud to see that, day after day, our team is growing up across countries.

Look at what fans can do when they gather as a family!

Incing on the cake, an un-dreamed of sign, a very emotional message addressed by Céline herself to The Red Heads… indeed, Mr and Mrs Coullier, surprised by the quality and originality of our video, have decided to send it personally to Céline who, to our greatest pleasure, sent us this message… thank you Céline.