#LasVegas2011 by The Red Heads


From 03/12/11 to 03/19/11

8 days, 7 nights

Dear Red Heads,

We are excited to reveal the official program of our new mission: #LasVegas2011 by The Red Heads. We have been waiting for this moment for years, ever since we met each other and we decided to put a name to this group. With #Québec2009 in our memories, our first trip together, we are now ready to travel to the fascinating Las Vegas. Céline is coming back, and beyond the immense joy of seeing her on stage again, many will take this opportunity to make a dream that they have had for years come true… conquest the Far West.

Some of you may have already visited Las Vegas in the past 5 years for catching “A New Day…”, while others will travel to the States for the very first time. With that in mind, we decided to create a few options for this trip to be unique for all of us.

This is why, when the plane takes off from your city’s airport, it will not be heading to Las Vegas but to Los Angeles. This West coast city deserves to be seen, and our 2-day stopover will not be too much to immerse ourselves in the Hollywood universe. It is only on the 14th of March that we will have the privilege to land, by night, in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Imagine the view that you will have when the plane starts its descent… an incredible panorama of thousands of lights, to see by night, we insist.

Then Las Vegas, the Strip, the casinos that will surround you until your arrival at your hotel. An hotel that you already know… yes, indeed… you have already been there, in your dreams.

Then you will have two days to visit Las Vegas, its huge hotels that are all spectacular and majestic. 2 days to immerge yourself in this unique atmosphere… bling bling, slot machines are echoing. And 2 nights we will all remember: Céline on the stage of the Colosseum.

After the Premiere, we invite you to party in the most famous NightClub in Las Vegas : The Pure. Don’t hurry… your table has already been booked in a sumptuous room… ask for « The Red Room ». Do you also believe in signs?

The two days that follow are OFF. Céline will take a deserved break but we won’t. Because we have chosen this time to leave the city, explore and discover what is part of the legend… The Grand Canyon. But to do things with The Red Heads touch, we have decided to rent big buses that will come and pick you up at your hotel, heading to the Nevada desert… and that will carry us around during this two-day trip..

Don’t miss this. You will discover unusual landscapes worth the greatest westerns. A long break on the Grand Canyon borders will allow you to understand why this park is one of the most famous of the world. In order to increase your pleasure, we offer you to jump into a helicopter that will take you high above the Grand Canyon and then drop you off in its huge water-soaks where a small boat will be waiting for you…

In the meantime, or later, others will be able to chose to horseback ride, in the stony and desert roads… which will make you feel all alone in the world, lost in this Far West setting.

You will not be going back to Las Vegas on that day. Because we are taking you to an amazing place that will make our trip even more fantastic. The Red Heads Night Fever will be waiting for you. A cow-boy style dinner, music that will accompany the crackle of the camp fires, marshmallow brochettes, some lassos to practice on bisons… so many components for a unique cocktail. Look above, you will see the stars… far away from Las Vegas extravagance, we will spend the whole evening in a traditional Ranch entirely booked for The Red Heads and will sleep in comfortable small cottages, or in real tipis…

The day after, it will be time to go and relax in a peaceful place… You will sail on one of the most beautiful lakes of the Western U.S. ! At the end of the morning, we will indeed take the bus again to drive to the quiet waters of Lake Mead. We will be able to enjoy a picnic on the way, before taking a ride on a fascinating boat with an extraordinary history, i.e. an authentic Mississipi-styled steamboat.

Finally, in the middle-afternoon, before returning to Las Vegas and enjoying its euphoria, we will stop in Lake Las Vegas, where Céline lives, in order to visit this charming city and get a well-deserved ice-cream. We will be back in Las Vegas at the beginning of the evening.

For those who will choose this “short” program, this will be the last night in Las Vegas… We won’t miss the opportunity to party one last time…

For the others, after this little “closing” party, you will be able to stay in Las Vegas or elsewhere and to plan your visits as you wish. Of course many Red Heads are likely to stay around on the second week, therefore it will be easier for you to plan your stay in little groups. For those who want to stay longer, we recommend you to go to Motel 6 located at the South of the Strip and which rooms are available at a very competitive price.

We hope that this program will seduce you. We have tried our best for everyone to enjoy the trip as much as possible. Of course, everything is « à la carte ». Some will rather go to the Universal Studios, while others will prefer a first flight above the Grand Canyon.

Prices have been negotiated for most of the options and are available online on the Red Heads’ Online Boutique (for activities) and on the Registration & conditions section (for hotels). In order to know more about the programm and the registration process, please visit our new section LasVegas2011.

Don’t hesitate and join The Red Heads team now! Don’t miss the boat…