Gérard Schachmes has to be the luckiest photographer! He had the chance of following Céline Dion, as well as her family and crew during the Taking Chances World Tour around 5 continents.

Exceptional concert and backstage photos were taken during the exceptional journey, but these are also Céline’s more personal, intimate and family moments that were beautifully captured. As a result, the luxury book « Céline autour du monde » was created and published under the La Martinière Editions.

During a week-end at the Grau du Roi (a famous French Mediterranean summer resort, where one important scene of the “6×7” movie was shot), The Red Heads have had the privilege of organising the world pre-launch event for the « Céline autour du monde » book, in the exceptional presence of its author, Gérard Schachmes in person.

Gérard indeed came during the Red Heads Night Fever, on Saturday September 19th 2009 at the Grau du Roi, and presented a copy of his book « Céline autour du monde », a magnificent must-have photography book on Céline’s Taking Chances World Tour.

The Red Heads also were at the forefront of the book’s promotion in Belgium, having Gérard Schachmes participating in a number of media events: newspapers, TV and radio. On December 1st, Gérard participated in two Belgian shows: « Beau fixe » on the BEL-RTL radio station and « Face à Face » on RTL-TVI.

On December 2nd he gave an interview for the « La dernière heure » newspaper and answered questions from Radio Nostalgie journalists.

Gérard also promoted the book on the « A vous de voir » show on Radio Vivacité on December 3rd.

To finish with the Belgian promotion campaign, Gérard signed the book at the FNAC City 2 in Bruxelles on January 30th 2010.

Gérard kindly gave an interview to The Red Heads.

We warmly thank Gérard Schachmes for his time, his generosity, kindness, and professionalism.

You can order the: « Céline autour du monde » book: Click here.