#Encore – Help Us Bring Céline to the TOP!

D’Eux, or The French Album in English speaking countries, is Céline Dion’s 15th album, released March 27, 1995. Written and directed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, it is the best-selling French-language album in the history of music. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the album and on this occasion, The Red Heads have decided to launch a historic promotional operation.

This record breaking album deserves that we pay an equally record breaking tribute. That is why today we are launching the #Encore mission.

In the last 20 years, the music industry has fundamentally changed (including the digital revolution).

The same is true for singles. For example, today in France, a single may well rank number 1 selling 7,500 copies.

It is based on the new data that The Red Heads have decided to set up a promotional campaign never seen in the world:
To make a single number 1 more than 20 years after its original release!
During Céline’s hiatus, we appeal to all her fans around the world to make this great media operation a success. Take this opportunity to remind her that even during her absence, her fans are indeed there for her and ready to promote and support her.
Kick off: Monday, March 23, 2015
End: Sunday, March 29, 2015
The goal?
Place the iconic « Pour que tu m’aimes encore » on top of the charts to surprise the media and experts in the music industry. By making the single number 1, we will cause success for the entire album.


We decided to proceed methodically to win the TOP country by country. Naturally we will start targeting France. Once we reached 10,000 sales for the number 1 position, we will move our attention to Quebec and try to make the purchase of the 5,000 needed to clinch the number 1 spot.

After that we will target Belgium, Switzerland, …


To be sure to reach number 1 in France, a song must sell 10,000 copies.
Once this is achieved, we will attack the other markets mentioned above.


Two options are available:

– METHOD #1: Proceed to purchase singles for yourself.
We invite you to visit these links Amazon-MP3-Logo-Fond-Noiritunes-logo to buy as many « Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore » as you can.
(Warning, it is important for people who do not live in France to choose to make a purchase on Amazon.fr for the sale to be recognized in France)

In iTunes, please choose the capsule « Gift this song » and include the email addresses of your friends and loved ones in order to multiply your purchases.

Advantage of this method: you do buy yourself and can target the people you want.
Disadvantage: our team will not be able to count and verify the number of singles purchased and we lose the advantage of shifting our attention to another country as soon as our goal will be reached in France.

In conclusion, we encourage you to opt for the second method.

– METHOD #2: Let The Red Heads team ensure the purchase and distribution of the song copies ( a contact list from the major media contributors was created to touch the world of journalism, which can report our operation and communicate about the anniversary of « D’Eux »).

In this case, visit us online at lesredheads.com and buy a block of shares for $5/10/20/30 or more. We then take care of buying the songs on legal sales platforms, country by country, in our strategic action plan (France and Quebec, and a list of other countries as described above). We will also be broadcasting the song to the media/ journalists/ identified personalities.

Disadvantage: for a block of 10 purchased singles, we lose $0.60 paypal fees.
Advantage of this method: you make sure that the money you pay contribute to the global effort for the success of this mission. No money will be lost on buying a song in a country that has not been targeted or has already reached the defined goals.

By choosing the second option, you also have the opportunity to have an exclusive gift created especially for this operation, according to the block you decide to purchase.

In addition to the placing of « Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore » at the top of the charts, we urge you to take the time to share on social media for other outlets to play this song:

All together we will make this operation a success worldwide, and we will honor an album that changed all our lives tremendously.

Qui peut vivre sans amour? – Lyrics Video – #Céline45 – Happy Birthday, Céline!

Hello, everyone!

If you landed on this page is either because you are a Céline Dion fan, a curious journalist, or you are simply… lost!
Whatever the case may be, you will discover down below, a very well known and respected tradition within the last 5 years: The Red Heads` birthday gift for their idol, Céline Dion.

Before moving further, let us introduce ourselves to those that still wonder who we are. The Red Heads are a sort of a Fan Club/ Community Manager/ Web Promoter & Communication Agency/ Event Organizer…

You got it well, it’s pretty difficult for us to explain in just a few words who we are, and what our goal is. Feel free to peek through the pages of our website for a better understanding! But if there is something you should definitely keep in mind is that we have been created to promote, surprise and entertain our idol: Céline Dion!

Let’s move forward and talk about the project that has kept us busy for the past few weeks: #Céline45
In just a few days, hundreds of fans submitted images in effort of being part of the making of the “Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour” Lyrics Video, the song being Céline’s latest single.

Joyeuxanniversaireaffiche mini

As a matter of fact, our gift for Celine has a double target! It will help celebrate in style the singer’s 45th birthday, and will also offer the opportunity to create the buzz around her new hit single of the already successful “Sans Attendre” album. This song, written by Elodie Hesme and composed by David Gategno, whose videoclip is being shot as we speak in Las Vegas, is already being played on the radio waves. While we are waiting for the clip, The Red Heads decided to give you a taste of Céline’s next success.

Thank you to all the Red Heads that were involved in the making of #Céline45! March 30th represents a very special date in every fan’s calendar. A day to celebrate, so… Let’s party!

Céline, this Lyrics Video made by our team with the help of hundreds of fans coming from tens of different countries around the world, is just another demonstration of our love for you. Have you had any doubt of it?! You know that we will be there every year, for each concert, album, no matter what. Where you will be, we will be… Today more than ever…

We were there since your 13th birthday; we are still here for your 45th! Happy birthday, Céline!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Your devoted fans, The Red Heads

Official Program #PARIS2012 by The Red Heads

Dear friends, dear Red Heads,

As you know, Céline will be back in France, after four years of absence.

For this occasion, The Red Heads are launching their new mission: #PARIS2012 !

No new mission without a new program, and here are all the details to best prepare your stay in the French capital.

  • Thursday, November 22nd – The Red Heads Night Fever

If there’s one event that leaves its mark on each Red Heads mission, it’s definitely the Red Heads Night Fever.

Whether it takes place in a manor in Quebec’s cold winter, under the sunny seaside of the French Riviera, or in one of the fanciest clubs in Las Vegas, this party is definitely not to be missed!
What do we propose this time?

 Notre-Dame as a backdrop, under the lights of Paris, cradled by the streams of the Seine, we are waiting for you abord a barge, entirely privatized for the occasion.
-Introduction to the mission #PARIS2012


-Dinner + Drinks

-Entertainment, games, karaoke, dancefloor…till the early hours of the morning!

And many more surprises to come…

 Price: 30 EUR per person

Order Now

  • Friday, November 23rd – Seine River Cruise 

On this early Friday morning, treat yourself for an unusual discovery of Paris.

Discover or rediscover the magic of the Seine’s banks, where historical and prestigious monuments are flirting together. Get on board of a river-boat and let yourself go along the banks.

Price: 11 EUR per person

Order Now

Do not hesitate and do not forget to bring your Red Heads Cap with you!

If you do not own it yet, you can acquire it here: the Red Heads store.


  • Saturday, November 24th – Grevin Wax Museum

For sure, this day is probably going to be the most intense of the journey for the fans.

But, before you can see Céline for real, during the shooting of the «Céline Dion, Le Grand Show», come discover Céline and René’s wax twins.

Here`s our suggestion: a visit at the Grevin Museum as a warm up for the beginning of this hectic day.

Other than Céline and René`s wax figures, you will have the chance to discover the wax statues of many other French or international famous artists, sportsmen (e.g.: Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi).

Meet us in front of the Museum at 9.30 A.M.

Price: 18 EUR per person.

Order now

  • Sunday, November 25th –  Bus Tour in Paris

For most of the fans, this day will conclude their Parisian layover. To end this weekend on an amazing note, The Red Heads are offering you one last group activity: The Bus Tour!

If you want to see Paris yet from another angle, this bus is perfect for you! This activity will allow you to discover the historical and legendary places of the French capital.

From the open top Double Decker bus, you will discover Paris like you never did before. The Red Heads bus will welcome you on board at 10 AM, on the corner of Champs Elysees and George V Avenues (in front of the Louis Vuitton store), for a 2h30` trip, perfectly timed to saturate your curiosity when it comes to the “City of Lights”!

Careful! Seating is limited to 70 persons for this activity!

Price: 15 EUR per person

Order now

Be quick and do not miss your chance to enjoy Paris in a different way!!

Remember to bring your Red Heads Cap with you in all our group gatherings.

 You can customize your cap having the Red Heads how-to instructions in mind.
Those new to the group, remember to order your golden star as a symbol to your first participation in a Red Heads mission!


How to Become a Red Heads?

If you already are a Céline Dion fan and you want to live this lifestyle in a different and better way, stop hesitating and come join us!

THE RED HEADS is a group of Celine Dion fans who have decided to live their passion to the maximum by showing it to Celine in an original way.

For that matter, we organize “missions”, getting together around events that involve Céline, like the “Céline” premiere in Las Vegas in March 2011 or the last show of the Taking Chances World Tour in Montreal in 2009, also by showing her our attachment in outstanding ways (for her birthday we came up with the song #Céline44).

So the question is how to become a Red Heads fan and join our great team.  We don’t have a membership nor monthly  “fan club” payments to offer you! To be part of the «gang» you must start by getting our trade mark item : The Official Red Heads Cap. This hat is part of our collection, but more importantly it is part of the missions that we lead; an iconic cap that even Céline herself is aware of.

Giving the fact that the Red Heads come from all the corners of the world, we have decided to make possible the personalization of your cap with your country’s colors by adding a badge identifying your country of origin on it. On the other hand, the stars represent the number of your participations in the Red Heads missions, as well as the length of time you’ve been with us. In the end, the bronze pins indicate the number of Celine live concerts you’ve attended so far. Basically this hat becomes your fan ID card for your heads.

Beyond that, THE RED HEADS is a true non-profit association. The activity of the association is closely linked to the news of Celine and as previously stated, we don’t want to put in place a system of payments and memberships.

Instead, just like the flags badges, the stars and the bronze pins, you have the chance to purchase “Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze” RH PINS to show a little bit more your belonging to the group, in accordance to your financial means.

This system allows everyone to participate and raising funds for the association without being constrained to an annual fee.

In the end, the benefit of all derivative products allows the association to finance all the events and missions that the Red Heads put together.

Indeed, the benefit of all derivative products allows the association to finance the missions and events it organizes.

If you want to become a real Red Heads fan, it’s enough to just get your cap and respect the moral contract that applies to all members:

– You must love Céline and be willing to show her your love in a «different» and speacial way;

– Your only goal must be serving her interests;

– Have an irreproachable behavior towards the other Red Heads: tolerance, open-mindedness…

– Have the 5 qualities of a perfect Red Heads: open-minded, united, well-disciplined, responsive, and… be a true FAN!

Welcome to all the new Red Heads!


Order now your Red Heads Cap: THE RED CAP STORE

Order now your RH Pins: THE RH PINS STORE

Order now your country’s flag: THE FLAG STORE

Order now your stars : THE STARS STORE

For English speaking fans, if you have any questions, feel free to email Cristina by mentioning in the subject « I want to be a Red Heads »: lesredheads@gmail.com

Official Launching #Paris2012

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! The big moment has finally arrived… ARE YOU READY????

#Céline is returning to Europe, and since we couldn’t miss this huge opportunity, we are launching our new mission #Paris2012 by #TheRedHeads!!!

Here is what you need to know, if you want to join us:


The Red Heads Night Fever!

As a tradition, we will all get together on the first night to officially launch the event! The Red Heads Night Fever has always been legendary! For those who remember The  »Manor » in Quebec or the big party at  »The Pure » in Las Vegas… for sure you won’t miss this one!

November 22nd will mark the kick-off of our Mission in Paris. Don’t forget to subscribe and be part of an amazing celebration: BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW BY CLIKING HERE

To start this magical trip, we decided to book a secret place, off the shores of the Seine river, in the heart of Paris… In the menu : catering, drinks, music, and plenty of other surprises…

 Your accommodation in Paris

Regarding the accommodation in Paris, we put together an article that will help you choose the best lodging for yourselves. Please follow the link bellow and do your research on what will work best for each and every one of you: READ NOW

 The Mission

Besides the kick-off party, we also invite you to be part of other several events. One of them will be the recording of a video for Céline’s next birthday! More information about this project will be provided at the opening night. As for the rest of the events, information will soon be available on our pages: www.celinecity.com, www.lesredheads.com and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/celinedionaddicts.

We hope you will have a wonderful experience! We can’t wait to meet the new Red Heads and meet again the veterans!

For English speaking people, if you have any inquiries, please contact Cristina by email at lesredheads@gmail.com and make sure to specify in the subject #Paris2012EN.

The Red Heads Team. Ready!