Interview of Isabelle Schachmes

What you would like to know about the book « Céline autour du monde » by Gérard Schachmes

Why are the pictures taken in Las Vegas during the rehearsals of the TCWT not in the book?

A lot of pictures were taken during the rehearsals of the tour, while Céline was working on the last details of her show. Unfortunately, we will not have the priviledge to see them in this book, because most of the pictures show Céline in suits that were not chosen for the tour. Indeed, Céline liked some suits rather than others for aesthetic and comfort reasons. Therefore, these pictures have lost their relevance and the decision to not include them in the book was taken. Also, before making this radical choice, the question of creating at the end of the book a « bonus » part – like in DVDs – was asked. This part would have been an opportunity to highlight some pictures « out of category » and taken in a new angle, but it was necessary to limit the realization costs of the books. Who knows, maybe one day these pictures will be released… ?!

Why does the red suit of the « Eyes on me » song that was at the beginning of the tour not appear in the book?

Céline did not like her suit and decided to change it during the tour. The decision to not publish pictures of it was therefore taken.

Few pictures of the beginning of the tour are in the book, why?

Mainly because of qualitative criteria. The best shots were obtained little by little during the tour. It was necessary to control and anticipate perfectly Céline’s moves onstage in order to catch the right moment. And it is time and experience of the show that allowed Gérard to obtain the pictures that corresponded perfectly to his demands.

We can see many pictures of Céline backstage instead of onstage, why this choice?

Because this is Céline’s tour’s specificity and this is what differentiates her from any other artist. A familial tour, a journey to discover people and cultures, this is what characterized this world tour. For this reason, Gérard Schachmes impregnated himself of this state of mind to make his book. It was not only about showing the international and world star that Céline is, but also to reveal the everyday life of a family, who made the most of this amazing world tour at their rythm.
The author therefore made a real travel diary out of this book, more than a simple tourbook.

Thank you to Isabelle for all these information.