The Red Heads got acquainted with this charming artist as of February 2009 during the Québec 2009! adventure. Véronic was performing as the opening act during the Québec leg of Céline’s Taking Chances World Tour. The Red Heads and Véronic fell instantly in Love with each other, and while we met her backstage, we promised that, if she was to be performing in France in the future, then we would welcome her warmly.

A few months after we came back from Montréal, it was finally announced that she would come to Europe…

She would be performing her extraordinary impersonation show, alone onstage for the first time in France, with virtually no promotion whatsoever and we wanted to show her that we had not forgotten her!

In November of 2009, the excitement got stronger when Véronic declared on the NRJ Montréal Radio in the Morning show, that a “colony of Red Heads is going to come see me in Paris”. We didn’t want to disappoint her…

Our mission  » The Red Heads welcome Véronic DiCaire in France «  was born, and more than 60 Red Heads from all over France and Belgium travelled to Paris on February 6th 2010 to welcome Véronic. The rue de la Gaité (Gaité Street) was literally redecorated with red balls and sandwich men going around in the street… And thanks to the group’s unity, it was a great success again. Véronic said she would remember Céline’s “little” fans forever… Céline fans that’ll now always hold a special place for her in their hearts… And the rue de la Gaité is not ready to forget us as well!

Véronic gave her impressions on this very special welcome during an exclusive interview, which she kindly gave to The Red Heads :

Thank you Rémon Boulerice, Véronic Dicaire and Véronique Astolfi for your time and being so generous with us.