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On the 4th of february, The Red Heads had their day of glory in the Journal de Montréal.

A first article was about “6×7”: the movie, carried out for Celine 42nd birthday.

« “A gift for Céline’s 42nd birthday” »

Céline fans are working flat out to make her a special gift for her 42nd Birthday, next march 30. The Red Heads are not out of great ideas..

At the occasion of Céline’s 40th birthday, two years ago, they gave her a video containing fans token, but also top hands like Franco Dragone, Luc Plamondon, his bodyguard, and even Hotel George V employees, where she is used to putting down her bags as she turns up in Paris.

This year, The Red Heads do it again, with a new movie, even bolder. “Actually, the movie aims at writing “Happy Birthday Celine” in any way, says Laure Hestin. Recently, about 60 fans gathered on the beach of L’Espiguette, in Grau du Roi, near Montpellier, to write a « human message » on the sand.

“The beach was ours. We wrote “Bonne Fête” with our bodies. We rented a plane and a camera operator to shoot from high up in the sky.”.

« Down the “Bonne Fête”, a banner mentioning “Céline”, made by Laure’s father, was laying down on the sand. »

Saturday in the afternoon, right before Véronic DiCaire’s show, the fans will use the occasion to reiterate with a birthday message made of umbrellas. The scene will be shot from the top of the Eiffel Tower or from the Sacré Coeur.

A huge heart

« Celine counts lots of fans, and before the Red Heads, they lived their passion on their own, behind their computer. The more the stronger! We aim at having a lot of fun while having a professional strategy in our events organization”, explains Laure.

She, Manuel and Lydia have been fans of Céline since the middle 90’s. French fans know everything about Céline and about what surrounds her: the name of her French producer (Gilbert Coullier), her Québec friend’s name Julie Snyder as well, and even her shopping habits when she is in town.


A second article is about how the Red Heads gave Véronic DiCaire a very warm welcome, on February 6th 2010.

« Awesome welcome for the singer

In The City of Light, Véronic DiCaire already benefits from a substantial help : The Red Heads, fans of Celine, who will do their best to make it easier for René Angelil’s new protégée.

In France and in some other Europe countries, Céline fans are The Red Heads, a group of devotees, recognizable thanks to their red caps, who follow her everywhere she goes, and who know every minor detail of her life.

« At the Arras show, on july 7th 2008, all the fans were there with red balloons they supplied to the crowd. We wanted to find a name for the group which was federative enough, that could be said in every language, and as we pointed out the red during the show, we decided to keep this color », explains Laure Hestin, a Céline fan from Paris.

She, just like about 50 other Red Heads discovered Véronic DiCaire during Céline shows at the Centre Bell.

« We were about 50 fans from France, Belgium, Switzerland and a few of Americans and Canadians, attending her last shows in Québec. Once, we were lucky to attend Céline’s soundcheck, and as we got in, Véronic DiCaire was on stage. »

« We were wearing our caps and it picked her curiousity. She came to see us and we thought she was really nice », tells Laure.

Back home in France, the 29-year old girl created a group on Facebook named: “We want Véronic DiCaire to fly across the Atlantic Ocean”. Today, 150 people are in the group.

« We think she has her place here in France »

Véronic DiCaire’s career expectations were obviously to perform in France, which makes Céline fans happy.

« There is no other impersonator, here in France, capable of imitating Céline, on a vocal point of view. The ones we have are only able to make parodies », explains Manuel Michaud, another Red Heads.

« Even for fans like us, who know very well Celine voice, it’s astonishing. If you don’t look at her, you can not know who is singing », adds Laure.

« We want her to be famous in France, we think she has her place here », says Lydia Nikolowski, another 19-year old Red heads.

Céline fans identify in Véronic DiCaire several qualities the superstar does have.

« She has a great talent. I have been following her on the web, because we can find videos of her on YouTube, and she really is a lovely person. She emits something really nice, she is absolutely natural. » « She doesn’t play a role, and we can immediately feel her real nature. Just like Celine », explains Manuel.

Party time

On Saturday, about 60 Red Heads will be in the theater « La Gaité Montparnasse » in Paris.

« We’ve booked whole rows », precises Laure, adding that Véronic DiCaire will get some surprises « before and after the show ».

Céline fans gathering will also be the occasion to prepare another gift for the international star.

After Véronic DiCaire’s shows, the fans promised themselves to finish the day partying in a karaoke-pub « to end up the night with music, and singing Céline songs », confides Laure. « As usual », hastens to add Lydia, smiling.

A special thanks to Dany for his availability and kindness.

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