On the occasion of the last Taking Chances World Tour concerts, a special trip to Québec was organised by The Red Heads . The idea of attending the last concerts of the tour in Céline’s country of origin instantly became popular among us. Seeing that many people were interested, it was decided to organise a 15-day journey with fans from different countries (France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, Canada…). Our goal was to celebrate the end of Céline’s World Tour (which had begun one year ago) and to prepare different surprises for her, at the Québec City and Montréal concerts. About 50 fans flew to Canada in February 2009.

For this journey it was decided to spend 2 days (10th and 11th February) in a mansion near Québec City to get altogether in one same place and enjoy multiple typical activities in the region. The place was also chosen so as to enable us to prepare for the surprises we had planned for Céline’s concerts. It is therefore in this huge manor and until late in the night that The Red Heads. made a huge 20-metre banner, filled with passion and heart.
In Saint Ferréol-les-Neiges we’ve been able to have the chance to enjoy a series of local activities including dog sledding and snowmobile trips. What a thrill it’s been to discover this magical snowy white land… It was just spectacular nature offered to us. The day after, we were glad to spend a day full of excitement and thrill, in the Valcartier leisure park, a few kilometres away from Québec City.

Thursday the 12th of February 2009 will remain as one of the strongest moments of the journey. It’s been a suspenseful day for most of us! It’s still stuck in our minds, as if it was yesterday. Each of us remembers what he or she was doing and where he or she was at the very moment that big news was announced. The Red Heads would indeed have the immense joy and privilege to attend Céline’s soundcheck at the Montreal Bell Centre.

Montréal, 5 p.m., The Red Heads are silently entering the Bell Centre as if it was a sacred place. We silently look at each other, our stress is increasingly higher, and each of us takes a seat by the western stage footbridge. We’re patiently waiting for Céline to arrive.
A few minutes later, Véronic Dicaire, Céline’s Québec opening act, appears onstage for her rehearsals and inflames our hearts by her simplicity, her talent and her kindness. It’s been since that particular day that many of us fell in love with this artist.

After Véronic’s rehearsal, Céline comes at last in the arena and takes a seat, with us surrounding her! Gérard Schachmès (the official tour photographer) takes pictures of us with Céline, one of which would eventually appear on the “Céline autour du monde” book (released September 2009). Céline then goes onstage to the soundcheck and rehearsals in order to prepare for a perfect concert. And what a show in itself it’s been, to see Céline’s one-hour soundcheck session, it was just so emotional! You see her working and having fun there and you just can’t believe how immense her talent, professionalism and musicality are. It was just impressive… Still today, all The Red Heads perfectly remember this incredible touching moment.

Finally we attended all the three last concerts given at Montreal’s Bell Centre and then some of us continued the journey up to New York City, with many souvenirs in our minds and the intention to get together again in the future, for new adventures.