On Sunday, 2nd of May, Céline Dion fans were able to fulfil one of their dearest dreams, finally watch “Céline: Through The Eyes Of The World” on a big screen! And it is with joy that each of them took place in one of the comfortable chairs of the beautiful Théâtre de la Gaité Montparnasse, which filled this fabulous event with warmth.

Fans, still more and more numerous, organized themselves very quickly to attend together this screening which was to be unique. From all over France but also Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Tunisia… some of them were even in the French capital for the first time.

This parisian week-end started in the heart of the mythic foire du trône, where the first participants decided to meet. Roller coasters, the house of terror, rifle shootings, every one of them had fun! Without mentioning rainbow candies, sweet smells that flutter in the wind of each entertainment park… anyway, a happy afternoon under a threatening but mild sky.

After a quick stop at the hotel, fans met in the evening in order to celebrate their reunion and to welcome the new comers. The whole level of one of the Montparnasse restaurants was invaded by red heads in a highly charged atmosphere. A beautiful evening, new meetings, hugs and contagious laughing… good mood was definitely at the rendez-vous! What a pleasure to see that everybody succeeded in getting along together without any trouble. The New The Red Heads fitted in in a wink as if we had known them forever.

And what about the screening?! An amazing movie that shows exactly what each Céline fan wishes to see and hear. A fan of Céline, not of Céline dion. A fan of not only the singer, the performer, the world star, but of this authentic woman of a surprising ingenuousness, who knows how to make one laugh and cry within a minute. The Red Heads are fans of Céline, more than ever!!!

And to finish, a premiere dedicated by Céline herself… indeed, when she learned that these famous fans that make people talk about them (and talk about her!) were organizing a premiere of her movie, she wished to dedicate this screening to all The Red Heads who had come and to tell them once again “Thank you”.

For all of us, seeing her emphasize our meeting with these few words is just amazing. Not only because 15 days ago she sent us a REAL MESSAGE that we were not even hoping for, but also because only 15 days later, she did not hesitate to show us her affection again.

As we are fans this touches us. Receiving a message from her once is already exceptional, but receiving a second one is totally unexpected. This time let’s be honest, Céline knows who The Red Heads are, and we are very proud of having reached her but also touched her.

Thank you Céline for understanding who we are and what we want, thank you Sony Music for supporting us in our extraordinary mission, and thank you all for being here and more enthusiastic each time, your support is needed and gives us the will to always do better.

Céline and The Red Heads, what’s next ?!!

The Red Heads Team